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Kadanza is a digital asset management and web-to-print platform built by brand and identity experts. Itís a fully scalable, cloud-based suite of tools with which you can build consistent, valuable content for a brand, offline and online. And it will save you time and money.

Why choose Kadanza? Read on.

+100.000 documents created
+300.000 assets managed
+20.000 global users

Kadanza is built by KAN Design & Brand Management, a team of brand and identity experts devoted to delivering strong brands since 1987. This experience makes our brand management platform stand out from the crowd. Why? We don't just design brands; we help brands tell a consistent story. Our work could end when a brandís identity is built, but Kadanza takes it to the next level.

After all, whatís a design or a brand without a proper way to manage it? Thatís why we offer you a sustainable solution, founded on personalised, strategic design management consulting.

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